Wedding Design

When designing a wedding, from the smallest bouquets to dramatic, larger-than-life arches, my goal is always to evoke beautiful emotions and memories.

The process begins by learning as much as I possibly can about the bride's individual style and tastes. Beyond the wedding colors, it's so essential to get to know the bride's unique personality. I want to know what inspires you. Are you inclined to wit and whimsy, or moved by the sacred meaning of this day? Or (more than likely) a little of both?

Just as no two women are the same, no two brides share quite the same vision for their wedding day. My goal is to capture your distinctive character and aesthetic, and reflect that in an utterly unique wedding design that will take your breath away – and linger beautifully in your memory for many years to come.

(Please ask about my new eco-friendly wedding designs featuring seasonal flowers and foliage!)